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Pharmacy Lists Help Hospitals Facing Drug Shortages
pharmacy list

As Canadians rushed to stockpile masks, disinfectants, and even toilet paper during the coronavirus pandemic, people across the country faced the very real possibility of shortages and rationings of essential supplies, equipment, and even food.  Unfortunately, hospitals have faced similar challenges with supplies and medications in high demand. In times of crisis, a list of Canadian pharmacies can be an essential resource for finding urgently needed supplies and medications.

On March 30, 2020 – weeks before Canada reached the apex of the Covid-19 outbreak – the Government of Canada reported an “unprecedented demand and an urgent need for access to drugs”. More than 20 medications used to treat Covid-19 were listed as Tier 3 shortages or, those having the greatest potential impact on Canada’s drug supply and health care system. The coronavirus pandemic has shown us that even the best Canadian hospitals can be forced to deal with medications in short supply.

How a list of reputable Canadian pharmacies can assist hospitals during a drug shortage: 

  • A professionally researched and developed list of Canadian pharmacies will contain high quality, accurate, and up-to-date data. When a hospital is faced with a drug shortage, there is no time to spend manually researching options or scanning online resources. With detailed data on all pharmacists that include their location, contact information, and product offerings, hospital administrators and healthcare teams have direct access to medical suppliers.
  • In instances where medications are needed urgently, and up-to-date registered pharmacist list gives users the option of pinpointing data for a specifically targeted area. Healthcare professionals can focus their search within a specific radius and ideally eliminate time arranging and then waiting for delivery service.   
  • A list of reputable Canadian pharmacies prepared by Canadian Pharma Select provides hospitals with an instant database of pharmacists and vital supporting details (names, locations etc.). All of this information is presented on a single dashboard that allows the user to easily export files, add notes, print labels, and seamlessly integrate the database and reports with existing workflow.

Even in a nation supported by one of the best healthcare systems in the world, pharmaceuticals and medical supplies can become scarce during medical emergencies and times of crisis. But it doesn’t take a global pandemic – even local or community emergency situations can quickly bring a hospital to the point of needing additional supplies and medications – stat. Under these circumstances there is no time to waste and hospitals must be prepared at all times. A Canadian Pharma Select list of Canadian pharmacies provides hospitals and medical professionals with an accurate and up-to-date listing of over 10,000 drug stores including pharmacist names and contact information, locations, and products offered.

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