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Managing Medical Supplies with a Pharmacy Database
list of pharmacists in Toronto

Dispensing medications efficiently is the number one priority for every hospital drug store, so it is imperative to remain fully stocked and be prepared for an unexpected shortage of certain drugs and supplies is. A professionally compiled pharmacy database is an excellent method of managing medical supplies in any hospital setting.

Here is how a list of pharmacists in Toronto, for example, can be used to help manage medical supplies:

Prevent Drug Shortages

We now know this scenario can happen in Canada and can happen very quickly. An unexpected increase in demand due to mass injury or pandemic, drug recalls manufacturing delays or shortage of materials can all contribute to an unforeseen shortage. Preventing drug shortages is crucial to delivering consistent patient care, and it begins with having a proactive plan that includes positive communication with drug manufacturers, suppliers, and other pharmacies. A pharmacy database contains details you need to find medication in your area. For example, a city like Halifax is facing a localized influenza outbreak and hospitals are at risk of running low on drugs and supplies. A list of pharmacists in Nova Scotia will have complete contact details and location information that lets the user search by location and speak with other pharmacies that can provide the necessary supplies.

Provide Better Care & Lower Prices

Even a hospital pharmacy has to contend with competition. Patients may choose to use their own local pharmacy or even order medications online, so it’s important to stay competitive by delivering efficient service at market prices. Data contained in a list of pharmacists in Ontario and across Canada can help you access valuable information within your supply chain so you can stay competitive. Further, this type of information can be used to help manage inventory control and avoid the unnecessary supply surpluses or dangerous shortages that can have a detrimental effect on your pharmacy’s ability to service patients and hospital staff.

Be Among the First to Offer New Treatments

It’s important – especially in a hospital setting – to have access to cutting-edge medications. Doctors and patients are eager to try new drugs and treatments, often as soon as they are approved for use and available for sale, but as with any new product, the supply depends greatly on the initial demand and can be limited when first released. Working in tandem with other pharmacies in your area, like a list of pharmacists in Toronto, is a sensible and proactive way to access medications when the supply chain runs low.

At Canadian Pharma Select, our geographic filtering capabilities allow users to access our list of over 10,000 pharmacists and drill down to something as targeted as a list of pharmacists in Nova Scotia. Identifying trends and making valuable contacts in specific areas leads to better service and greater success for your pharmacy.

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