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If you are looking for information on pharmacies in Canada, you need to start with a legitimate Canadian pharmacy list such as Scott’s premium directory of Canadian Pharmacies and related pharmacists. Directories aren’t just for sales professionals searching for the name and address of a specific pharmacy. Top directories provide much more information- and the ability to identify and target high potential prospects in a much more efficient manner.

Who uses a Pharma Directory?
Pharma directories are an essential part of sales, marketing, and research for businesses in a wide range of sectors including manufacturing, retail, recruitment, government agencies, insurance, and pharmaceutical. For example, if you are a recruitment firm, you can use the directory as your go-to list of pharmacies you reference in order to find placements for job seekers- or to identify high-potential candidates. On the other hand, pharmaceutical manufacturers and distributors use directories to identify high-potential retail locations for their products.

How can a Pharma Directory help me?
One of the biggest benefits of having an up-to-date, accurate and comprehensive list of Canadian pharmacies online is that it saves time- whether you’re conducting market research, setting up a marketing campaign, or building a pipeline of high-potential leads for your business. A premium database such as Scott’s database of Canadian Pharmacies and related pharmacists ensures that your data, preventing you from having to spend time searching, verifying, cleaning and de-duping. That’s why, for many organizations, acquiring the right list is the first step in their sales and marketing execution plan.

Why not just look up the names online?
When seemingly all the information in the world is available to everyone for free with a simple Google search, why not just research what you need yourself? Searching isn’t just an inefficient use of your sales and marketing teams’ time; it’s virtually impossible to build your own accurate, complete and up-to-date database. And even if you could, by the time you completed the task, it would already be outdated. Canada Post alone makes hundreds of changes to its database of addresses on a weekly basis. Meanwhile, pharmacists change location, numbers change, even business details change. By using a premium online list of pharmacies you can be sure you’re getting the latest information and saving both time and money.

Before you take on your next sales and marketing campaign or start out in your search for new clients, consider the opportunity and potential that exists from obtaining a pharma directory and getting a qualified list of Canadian pharmacies. While you may not have used it before, with a better understanding of its potential, it is clearly worth your investment for the business and success it will bring you down the road.

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