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Is Purchasing Medicines from a Pharmacy Wholesaler Beneficial?
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In business, fostering good partnerships with suppliers can be as beneficial as forging lasting relationships with customers. In the case of a pharmacy wholesaler, there are certain advantages that go far beyond just the ability to find medications and merchandise at a better price. Preferred customers receive extras like one-on-one service, discounted shipping, and beneficial marketing partnerships. A pharmacy wholesaler has the products and resources that can help boost your bottom line.

More Than Wholesale Pricing

Refer to any list of drugstores that are flourishing and you will see pharmacies working with professional pharmaceutical sellers and wholesale suppliers. Initially, lower prices on medications and supplies might be the main reason to purchase from a pharmacy wholesaler, but you will soon realize that this type of partnership can deliver several other important benefits. Working with wholesalers can provide valuable expertise such as assistance in choosing the best products and helpful advice that can be passed on to the pharmacist. The wholesaler might offer medication reps extra perks such as enhanced administrative practices, better delivery agreements and greater access to pharmaceutical resources and personnel. If the company offers computerized stock control services, for example, you can advise drug store managers about software to help track inventory and assist in re-ordering when supplies run low. Using a list of drugstores in Canada for current contact information and letting them know about the money-saving and time-saving benefits of your pharmaceutical resources and expertise is a sure-fire way to establish new partnerships and strengthen existing ones.

Enhanced Marketing

For busy pharmacies and smaller drug stores, the opportunity to take advantage of additional marketing tools is a valuable bonus. Pharmacy wholesalers are in the market of selling their medications and supplies, so it only makes sense to use these partnerships as a means to share successful marketing tools. Your pharmacy clients could benefit from ‘free’ marketing assets that provide advertising across various media platforms as well as eye-catching in-store displays, product samples, and promotional materials. Co-operative efforts between a pharmacy wholesaler, supplier and a list of drugstores will often create a unification with mass product appeal that ultimately leads to wholesale savings and better sales.

The Insiders Edge on New Products

Maintaining a positive professional relationship with a pharmacy wholesaler can give suppliers and drug stores the leading edge because they have the opportunity to learn about innovative medications and new products. There is certainly a long list of drugstores in Canada as well as successful pharmaceutical reps who depend on a wholesaler’s market-savvy expertise and innovative medications & merchandise.

A pharmacy wholesaler can not only supply products at a reduced price, but can also be a great source of added benefits. Sometimes these extra services will require a fee, but often they can be implemented as a regular part of the customer service package.

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