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How a List of Drugstores Helps Suppliers During COVID-19
list of drugstores

Drug and medical supply shortages are not uncommon. They can happen as a result of seasons, accidents, trends, and of course epidemics and pandemics. In fact, pharmacists regularly contend with shortages of certain medications. For a manufacturer or supplier working in the pharmaceutical industry, a comprehensive and professionally-compiled list of drugstores can save valuable time and effort when fulfilling the urgent demand for vital supplies and medications.

Canada’s Drug Shortages During the Coronavirus Pandemic

The worldwide fight against the COVID-19 pandemic brought a troubling and potentially devastating question to light: What happens if Canada’s healthcare system is unable to keep up with a global medical crisis? Is that even possible? We saw the potential for trouble even during the earliest weeks, just as the coronavirus began to make its way across North America. By the end of March, worried shoppers cleared the shelves of essential items such as hand sanitizers and even toilet paper. By mid-April, hospital workers were vying for masks, gloves, and gowns. And Health Canada’s lists of medication and medical supplies & devices shortages grew longer by the week.

In an effort to meet the pressing demand for both specialized and everyday drugs and healthcare products, pharmaceutical manufacturers and suppliers should maintain immediate access to an up to date database of their complete list of drugstores in Canada. This way, pharmacists can be contacted directly to provide inventory updates and order the meds and supplies needed to meet their public demand.

Supporting the Front Line

Many consumers will consult their Pharmacist before any other member of the healthcare system. There is a long list of drugstores in Canada led by Pharmacists who are trusted, reliable, and easily accessible. To assist during the COVID-19 crisis, Pharmacists are providing crucially important services such as phone consultations and home deliveries for their vulnerable and sick patients. In many cases, Pharmacists are considered among the front line of health care, providing treatment information, medication advice, hosting healthcare info sessions, and even administering certain immunizations. Successful pharmacists must have access to the drugs and devices their customers need, so they rely on suppliers to keep them well-stocked and up to date on product & industry changes.

The database provided in a Canadian Pharma select list of drugstores contains locations and contact information for more than 10,000 pharmacies and related pharmacists across Canada. The information is accurate, compressive, and updated continuously. Why spend hours sifting through internet search results when you have immediate access to the information you need to serve your client base and source out new leads.

A list of drugstores is essential in providing the information you need to support your pharmaceutical customers and get your products to the people who need them.

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